Thursday, May 19, 2011

Nakba Remberance Day

Sunday, May 15, 2011 was an amazing day of joyful commitment by Palestinians. There were marches and demonstrations throughout the occupied territories; in addition there were marches that broke through zionist barriers in occupied Golan Heights, Syria.

There are many videos of brute violence of the ever-paranoid Israeli army & police.

As usual the casualties were only suffered on the Palestinian side.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Two Teens Accused in Itamar Murders

Israel announced the arrest of two teens from Awarta for the murders of the Fogel family in the illegal settlement of Itamar in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

The scenario is familiar to anyone following zionist crimes against the native Palestinians in the on-going brutal forty-four year military oppression and all the crimes that go along with it.

The collective punishment of Awarta since early March this year was purported to be a retaliation for the killing of colonists in Itamar, which is built on land stolen from Awarta.

This crime was blamed solely on savage, uncivilized Palestinians. Some Thai workers were interrogated because they had a financial dispute with the Fogels (a matter of unpaid wages) and had been heard threatening these settlers, but the Netanyahu government immediately spun this as bloodthirsty criminals killing innocents whose only crime was defying international and humanitarian laws.

Netanyahu immediately announced plans for 500 more Jewish only homes and roads to be taken from Awarta as retaliation.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Awarta Revisited

Over the last month I've wanted to revisit Awarta, but everytime I sat down to do it, there were new articles reporting increasing abuse of the residents.
There have been constant raids, home trashings, mass arrests, hate speech incitement against the minority Palestinians. Middle of the night sound grenades preceding thirty armed to the teeth teenagers, scared and excited.

What happens when the children not only see their parents arrested, but beaten and humiliated? In Awarta the IOF arrested whole families, and they coerce Palestinians to sign Hebrew documents, a language most locals don't know.

Palestinians are living under a no holds barred occupation determined to rid Palestine of indigenous Palestinians.
I feel like I have to spell this out, as we in USA are all thoroughly brainwashed by zionist friendly media, government, entertainment. Who will ever believe the state television after the world wide web?

The story of Awarta is new to me. The slowly unfolding day by day agony of oppression. The cruel occupation is exposed in the bully tactics of the Netanyahu government. Exploiting a vicious murder as the work of Palestinian murderers while offering no evidence, and issuing a gag order so that journalists cannot report on the barbaric mass punishment of four hundred people, all ages, from elderly to newborns.

When did mass punishment become permisable?

As the veils of deception slip away from the zionist project, racism and injustice are revealed time after time. I may never understand this puzzle, why Israel never has consequences for destroying the rules of civility?

Two sources I've leaned on heavily are International Solidarity Group and Realistic Bird's Silver Lining

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Awarta on Curfew Lockdown in OPT

The IOF (Israeli Occupation Force) has imposed its presence on the Palestinian inhabitants of Awarta. This includes searching houses with destruction as partial goal, stealing anything of value, cell phones, broken computers, electric service cut, drinking water polluted with mud and human waste to having soldiers living in your home; with you and your family confined to one room.

An 80 year old woman with diabetes was beaten severely enough to require hospitalization.

These wild and all too common settler rampages followed by racist military searches, humiliations are deliberately incited by the Netanyahu government.

Zionists move to the Occupied Palestinian Territories in contravention of international law, for a variety of reasons. Financial perks, such as subsidized housing; religious beliefs that condone land theft as a God-given right.

On March 13th, the Fogel Family, illegal settlers in the occupied Palestinian Territories, were attacked and stabbed to death. Three members of the family escaped to raise an alarm but their father, mother, and three siblings were killed.

This savage crime has been confiscated by the Netanyahu government and extreme Israeli zionists as a justification to terrorize more Palestinians. Terror by night raids, roadblocks, curfews, beatings, interrogations, arrest, child arrest and a promise by the Netanyahu government to build 500 more West Bank residences for Jews only in Occupied Palestine.

No evidence has been presented to suggest a Palestinian committed the Fogel Family murder. The Itamar 'Settlement' is heavily secured with the most sophisticated sound and motion detectors, alarms, armed security guards, surveillance and handy IOF military forces a 911 call away. Although the jargon of 'settlement' is in common usage, in reality this could be a small city of 500 or colony of thousands, it is illegal to resettle an occupiers population into occupied areas, according to international law. There is no more land theft by conquest since the Nuremberg Trials.

With the escaped children raising the alarm while the crime was still being committed a stranger covered in blood would surely be unable to conceal him/herself?

The murder of anyone is a tragedy, the unexpected passing of children especially pain us.

The political usage of murder to cause and incite pogroms on the occupied Palestinians is blatant ethnic cleansing. I see it, others see it. It is slo-mo genocide.

Any act to destroy a people because of their religion or ethnicity is genocide.

Please get enraged at this outrage. Please do not allow colonialist imperialism to prevail, we are in the 21st century and ready to take the next leap forward.
One World - One People

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Victory! Egyptian People Prevail

Friday, February 15th, 2011, was a day most of all of determination. The mood was upbeat, then frustrated when a rumor of President Mubarak was leaving was squelched when the Egyptian lackey of USA spoke on t.v. saying he was not going, and then finally it was announced he had resigned.

He thought he was indispensable. He was not.
He thought his will was stronger than the people, it was not.

People worldwide rejoice with the Egyptian People's Victory Revolution. This dignified, peaceful, non-religious and nonsectarian and no official political affiliations will be remembered with pride and affection in any true history of the present.

The hated dictator resigns, the people stage a bloodless coup, even though they were threatened, beaten, jailed and even killed by the state's actors, stayed steadfastly peaceful and dignified.

The revolutionary euphoria may have many long term ramifications, from the discredited Domino Theory as a possibility, the USA's facade is irreparable in the Middle East and to those of humanitarian values worldwide, even USA.

We can never go back to believing the excuses of bombing people into being a democracy,
or threatening an entire sovereign nation with sanctions that lead to children deaths and starvation while hypocritically boasting of America's compassion and largess. It isn't true. Everyone knows it isn't true. Even people w/o internet access now know it is not true.
The cannon fodder fight to keep each other alive. The programmed racial hatred and fear, instilled by America's military, and psy ops are mortally wounded when the people realize that USA does not walk the walk; and 2 faced talk helps no one in the long view.

The people of Egypt have shown the way forward. They have pointed the pathway to human dignity and rule of law and something as an American I wonder if I've ever experienced - I'm referring to freedom.
Freedom from sea to shining sea.

Best wishes for the success, the continued success and wisdom of the Egyptian People Revolution.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

January 25, 2011 - Spontaneous Revolution

Power to the People
Rebellions in Tunis caused their dictator to flee to Saudi Arabia recently. This preceded days of protest in Egypt at the repressive dictator, Hosni Mubarak. This is an extraordinary popular uprising that has the Empire and Israel quaking in their gucci combat boots.

The internet and cell phones were shut down in Egypt, but people poured into the streets regardless, demanding jobs, bread, end of military dictatorship notorious for repression and torture, but mainly they want the end of Hosni Mubarak and his henchmen.

Riots were in response to a self immolation who had been harassed for selling fruit and vegetables without a permit. His produce was either destroyed or confiscated and perhaps that was the last straw.(Not sure if this started Tunis successful rebellion, there were several self-immolations reported prior to January 25th in Egypt.)
The educated 26 year old doused himself in gasoline and lit himself on fire. He subsequently died. He was despondent because he had no other way to earn money for his family, though he was a college graduate, besides investing in fruits & vegetables to sell at a small markup.

More recent news is that Saudi Arabia has refused permission to Hosni Mubarak to enter Saudi Arabia. But not to worry, it has been reported that he has been offered refuge in Tel Aviv.

The dictator Ben Eliezer of Tunis fled to Saudi Arabia.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Who will redeem the People of Egypt?

And who will redeem the land of Palestine, promised to ALL of Abraham's seed?
In the Old Testament, Moses told Pharaoh to "let my people go." Which is what Passover's all about. Moses leading the children of Abraham to the promised land.

Well Egypt is not claiming Divine intervention, yet they have surely endured bondage under President Hosni Mubarak. Supported and financed by USA to befriend, defend and collaborate with client state, Israel.

Both USA and Israel were unprepared for the popular uprising, despite Mossad reputation as top notch intelligence gatherer. The msm tried to frame this as a 'twitter revolution' but the people are calling it the Lotus Revolution.
Fear of the Muslim Brotherhood were trotted out as scary, rigid,terrorists on USA msm. Some commentators possibly believe this myth, judging by their sincerity.

The protesters are demanding President Mubarak to leave immediately,they want free fair elections held and they want a parliamentary system. They have much animosity towards Israel's 65 plus years of persecution and oppression of the Palestinians.

The pushing of the 'twitter' meme is to prep the USAns for internet controls, laws and regulation, imho. We all know they're probably being tested on Egyptians as we communicate. Unless the people of Egypt prevail, our police-state Bureaucrats will continue to try out Homeland Security Projects.
I've read that the FEMA internment camps are open and ready for business.

Our government isn't even trying to hide their contempt anymore, we USAns are the filthy, poverty-ridden masses and only the 'elites' can be trusted with democracy. I've seen many videos of the ongoing January 25th Revolution, American pundits saying such racist remarks as Arabs aren't politically sophisticated enough for democracy. What Cheek.
It's too late to sell that propaganda in the M.E. they've seen first-hand from Iran to Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan,Lebanon and Palestine too much innocent blood has been spilled for the dubious reasons of keeping the illegitimate zionist project running and the warmonger/elites stock portfolios fat with booty stolen from the poor.

The United Nations and world community have a responsibility to the people of the world to dismantle this frankenstein monster, the zionist debacle, and publish a simple constitution for the region that will guarantee equal rights to all. Accountability for the 60 plus years of oppression, criminality, occupation, brutality and unnecessary carnage. And oh yeah, how about some UN blue hats to secure Palestinians physical safety?

We've read the Palestine Papers Israel, you could have had peace and normal relations with all the Arab nations but you rejected it. What's that you said, always ready to miss an opportunity?
The people of the world are calling on you to end the occupation, remove your illegal colonists, and quit the home demolitions, let My people go.
The Zionist/New World Order(zio/Nwo) tyranny must end.

**racist remark/attitude alert

Monday, January 31, 2011

Empire's Conspiracy against John Lennon

The United States attack on John Lennon centered on Lennon's visa extension being denied. USA brought out J.L.'s ancient 'crime* of marijuana possession as a red herring. President Nixon & John Mitchell & others in USA government conspired against Lennon with the usual suspects operating in 1972, such as G.Gordon Liddy.

This was way before I understood USA was an empire, I still believed that USA interfered in other countries only for humanitarian reasons. People who watched the antiwar demonstrations on tv were told that these were radicals, the lunatic fringe, draft dodgers They didn't realize they were hearing only what the government wanted us to hear, in short propaganda. Even then there was little difference between the two parties, I sort of knew it, I didn't get the depth of the depravity. The newsreaders had to understand, I never realized they were actors, I thought they were journalists.

In 1972 we caught glimpses of the empire's naked face, and it was terrifying. Our government was dogging John Lennon! A Beatle, a gentle, peaceful musician. His crime had nothing to do with marijuana and everything to do with the power of the love the people had for him. I felt I knew him, and I knew his music intimately. That is how I feel. I have an emotional attachment and love and I am joined by many others.
Nixon worried that Lennon's anti war message might endanger his reelection campaign.

John Lennon hired the best attorneys and went to court many times.
Meanwhile, *They* were blatantly tapping his phone and openly following him. They wanted him to know they were there, always watching. I call that threatening, intimidating behavior. First you might wonder if you're going crazy, the anxiety level could turn to paranoia. This way maybe they could get John to leave of his own free will. Then bar him permanently.

This conspiracy was hatched because of Nixon's reelection fears. Think if Nixon had put so much energy and effort into ending the Empire's Viet Nam aggression. He could have gone done in history as a peacemaker, not the first USAn president to be forced to resign.

If he had done his presidential job and carried out the will of the people the war would have been ended years sooner with less spilled blood and less damage to Viet Nam. In truth they were war criminals and I did not yet comprehend that.

I wonder what would happen to John Lennon today? Would Bush or Obama render him to Pakistan (Egypt being inconvenient today)? Would he be in a secret black site.
Would he have gone to Canada immediately for refuge? After all msm are calling for assassination of Julain Assange and Julian Assange is afraid he'll end up in Cuba until the 12th of Never.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Israel's Theft of Water

URL: //posted on Realistic Bird's Silver Lining Blog:

"GAZA, (PIC)-- Gaza's water authority has uncovered a crime Israel has been committing against the Gaza Strip's water supply.

Over the last three decades, Mekerot, an Israeli water company, has been supplying the strip with no more than 5 million cubic meters of water annually, actually an integral part of the water Israel drains from the occupied region's water supply.

The Cairo Agreements, undersigned by both Israel and the then Palestinian Authority, stipulate Israel is obligated to double the amount of fresh water supposed to be supplied to the Gaza Strip (10m cu. meters)".

I have read that Israelis use 80% of the water available in Palestine. The Palestinians must subsist on an erratic 20%. So while the people who have cared for the Holy Land for over two centuries are penalized be/c according to zionists, Palestine is exclusively for Jews.

I would like an explanation for the lack of humanitarian empathy and lack of justice, the Jewish people had a stellar reputation for fighting for civil rights but not when it comes to Arabs, Palestinians, Christians and Muslims in Palestine.

Since the siege of Gaza in 2006 and in the aftermath of "Cast Lead Dreidel" there are thousands of homeless people. The Israelis committed numerous war crimes and their aggression was without parallel. The brutality included 22 days and nights of bombardment with depleted uranium, white phospherous, DIME(dense, inert metals - an experimental sort of weapon that slices through flesh and bone and caused many amputations and death.

Naomi Klein's book about the many opportunities that natural disasters and wars
provide to war profiteers and war mongers. Her book is eye opener.

This situation of imbalance sees the zionists with lush green lawns (in the desert), swimming pools, and a seemingly unlimited supply of water. The Palestinians on the other hand, must use bath water over, the 20% isn't even guaranteed b/c IOF shoot the cisterns on roofs, piss in the wells, dump sewage where ever they want.

Israelis ruined the water treatment plant & refuses to let spare parts in, it would be petty mischief if human life didn't depend on water for life itself.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Rape of Palestine

Words are powerful; what do you think the Zionists are doing when they bray repetitiously about Judea & Samaria? By changing the name of the West Bank, the zionists are tying the area to the Old Testament plus using the phrase Judea & Samaria over & over brainwashes the human mind.

The formula is simple, all things Gentile are suspect, Islam is an especial enemy of the non-Gentile. Obviously the nonGentiles believe they are superior b/c racist zionist religion tells them so.

Jews use shunning as severe punishment. We've seen this in the harangues by rabbis in Israel that Israelis are forbidden to rent or lease land to Gentiles.
Humans are social beings for the most part and avoid shunning. The painful torture of endless solitary confinement and the racist laws which keep nonJews imprisoned w/o charge for lengthy, unspecified amounts of time are cruel and inhumane. Have you noticed how isolated and disdained the State of the Israel has become? It is a pariah state that should be dismantled and destroyed forever and a day.

Israeli, Jewish Children encouraged to offend their Arab brothers & sisters, throwing stones, threatening violence. When it goes too far & their victim is hurt or killed, so what? They're only goy,(a synonym for cattle) lower than a donkey, that's what a multitude of Israeli rabbis say, it is OK to kill goy, because goys are not quite human.(shh don't tell 'em)

Next we get the Rabbis wives, warning Jewish women to avoid nonJewish men, because the 'goy' DNA is flawed, unlike the DNA of the chosen, you'll get a child that is wicked and flawed, with a lack of civility.

Well, the zionist explained, If you wanna know sufferen, I can tell ya all about it. You name it, my people, God's Chosen", (self deprecating giggle) have endured it all. And we were innocent every time a country exiled us.
Now its someone Else's turn for bigotry and brutality.

But, I sputter, (having been raised in Parochial School)(canya tell?)its all so mean & hurtful, spiteful. Why kill people for sport? If you're gonna kill them all anyway why make their lives torture & misery?

A light goes on in the pre-limbic, ancient memories, You zionists, you are angry at me. Palestina can never be yours. What you've had of her you've forced, you humiliated this holiest of land to line your pockets and to eventually plunder all of the Middle East and onward. You are doing your best to salt the earth and make it infertile.

The zionists have not been an example of neighborliness. The colonizers came with weapons and plans to steal land and crush & exile the true dwellers and caretakers of Al Quds, the rest of the peoples of Palestine, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Iran.
The world's 4th largest army would have us believe that they're afraid of lightly armed freedom fighters? Anyone remember the hundred to one ration of the '08-'09 massacre, in which 4 of the 13 dead Israelis were killed by 'friendly fire'?

That early zionist thinker's famous quote (paraphrasing here) "I've met the Bride.
She is beautiful. Unfortunately she is happily married."

That did nothing to change the colonists' plans, only instead of marrying the beautiful land they came to take by force. Conquer, pillage, rape and murder. The policies haven't changed; they have ratcheted up the ethnic cleansing and rabbis are now calling for extermination camps for 'terrorists'.

The world must end the zionist menace, which is worse than Hitler's National Socialism. Words precede action, and Israeli rabbis that recently called for extermination camps, are in reality sanctioning Genocide.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Palestine 'the abused child' of the Middle East

Who has the best claim to the land of the Palestine Mandate and who has Palestine's best interests at heart?

This is a case about two groups of people, both have claims, some claims like the 'Covenant' are irrelevant in non-spiritual matters. Imho Palestine has the high moral ground, because they lived there continuously for over a thousand years, and the land is part of Palestinian Jews, Christians and Muslims. For the zionists it is a fantasy tale, 60% of Israeli Jews identify themselves as atheists.

Zionism wanted a safety haven for Jews exclusively.
The Palestinians saw no reason to give over half of their country away, they had lived under different regimes for centuries and after being freed from the Ottoman yoke, then British mandate,were unwilling to put it on again for what was perceived as European responsibility for the Jewish catastrophe.

In the 60 sixty plus years of occupation and domination Israel has made no effort to cooperate, b/c of zionist racism the brutality has escalated to the point of Rabbis calling for extermination camps for Palestinians.

The hundred years of Jewish influence in the Levant has caused non-ending series of persecution, imprisonment, torture, maiming and destruction and murder and theft. The colonists had to wish to live in peace, they came to dominate. This is clearly stated by Herzl. Herzl also saw the advantages of anti-semitism & put this knowledge to work.

During those hundred years Jewish authorities have approved plans to cover over destroyed Palestinian villages and towns with pine trees. Pine trees in the desert.
The Palestinians get 20% of the water resources, Israelis get 80%. This is serious when you try to survive in the desert.

I was astonished to read of the casual, routine of destroying mosques. If any other nation destroyed synagogues the way zion destroys mosques the worlds' press would megaphone the news world wide - but there is barely a mention of the many attempts to burn & bomb Al Aqsa Mosque. These disrespectful racists must be made to end their criminal ways.

The Israelis have poisoned the water table. The Israelis have destroyed the Palestinian facilities for treating waste and settlers regularly dump raw sewage on cultivate Palestinian land.
Who knows what ramifications will arise from Dimona?
Who knows what ramifications for overbuilding for wealthy racists.

What other nation in the world would uproot productive olive groves and fruit orchards?

My impression of zionism is this group that destroys century + olive groves that have been loved and cared for, possibly lived there since the time of Jesus and/or Mohammed are ruthlessly destroyed, to change the character of the land is vicious. Perhaps that olive trees are a symbol of peace is also offensive of Israelis?

If we had a Solomon to decide this case, I have no doubt he would grant the land to those who had residency there for hundreds of years. The non-Gentiles who would want to live in Palestine would probably be welcomed, as Palestinians are famed for their hospitality, however the days of overt blatant racism must end.

It is time for Israel to recognize the right of self-determination for the Palestinians as well as for themselves. The UN resolution plainly said that there was to be respect and protection for the "present residents of Palestine, Muslims and Christian. Also no changing of important historical landmarks such as the Al Aqsa (Golden Dome of the Rock) which zionists have continuously targeted for destruction, by sabotage and outright colonial aggression.(see the start of the 2nd Intifada, where Ariel Sharon provoked the outrage of Palestinians and Muslims world-wide.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Rabbis call for extermination camps

I read an article, reported by YNet and published on Silver Lining Blog, that Israeli rabbis are openly calling for concentration camps for Palestinians. According to their interpretation of the two thousand year old Bible, Jews must kill all 'giants'. Jews interpret 'giants' as Palestinians, and as such all must be murdered, men, women, children, babies, foetus', I suppose this includes destroying frozen eggs and/or sperm, it even includes the Palestinians domestic animals.

Where does so much hate come from?

I'm always having the Hamas Charter thrown in my face when I try to debate with zionists. I'm not schooled in the Hamas Charter, however I do know that Hamas has evolved from a group involved with suicide bombings into a group with political aims and programs for the suffering civilians besieged in Gaza. I do know that Hamas was able to keep a truce, which Israel violated then followed with 22 days of war crimes.

The 22 day slaughter killed over 1,400 persons, most of them civilians as the Palestinians has a meager trained military force and even less military equipment; no planes, helicopters, jets, drones, no ships, no radar, and no top of the line communications. Hell they didn't evwen have electricity for that three week massacre.

So the Israelis won that aggression with a tally of over fourteen hundred persons dead and over 4,000 severely injured/maimed on the Palestinian side and the Israelis lost 13 - some to friendly fire. Was this 08-09 aggression the start of more ethnic cleansing and genocide?

Last week I read that a rabbi urged women of their faith not to marry Gentiles, because Gentiles are bad seeds, bad blood, inferior to the Chosen of the world.

What kind of religion glorifies genocide?