Saturday, February 12, 2011

Victory! Egyptian People Prevail

Friday, February 15th, 2011, was a day most of all of determination. The mood was upbeat, then frustrated when a rumor of President Mubarak was leaving was squelched when the Egyptian lackey of USA spoke on t.v. saying he was not going, and then finally it was announced he had resigned.

He thought he was indispensable. He was not.
He thought his will was stronger than the people, it was not.

People worldwide rejoice with the Egyptian People's Victory Revolution. This dignified, peaceful, non-religious and nonsectarian and no official political affiliations will be remembered with pride and affection in any true history of the present.

The hated dictator resigns, the people stage a bloodless coup, even though they were threatened, beaten, jailed and even killed by the state's actors, stayed steadfastly peaceful and dignified.

The revolutionary euphoria may have many long term ramifications, from the discredited Domino Theory as a possibility, the USA's facade is irreparable in the Middle East and to those of humanitarian values worldwide, even USA.

We can never go back to believing the excuses of bombing people into being a democracy,
or threatening an entire sovereign nation with sanctions that lead to children deaths and starvation while hypocritically boasting of America's compassion and largess. It isn't true. Everyone knows it isn't true. Even people w/o internet access now know it is not true.
The cannon fodder fight to keep each other alive. The programmed racial hatred and fear, instilled by America's military, and psy ops are mortally wounded when the people realize that USA does not walk the walk; and 2 faced talk helps no one in the long view.

The people of Egypt have shown the way forward. They have pointed the pathway to human dignity and rule of law and something as an American I wonder if I've ever experienced - I'm referring to freedom.
Freedom from sea to shining sea.

Best wishes for the success, the continued success and wisdom of the Egyptian People Revolution.

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