Sunday, April 17, 2011

Two Teens Accused in Itamar Murders

Israel announced the arrest of two teens from Awarta for the murders of the Fogel family in the illegal settlement of Itamar in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

The scenario is familiar to anyone following zionist crimes against the native Palestinians in the on-going brutal forty-four year military oppression and all the crimes that go along with it.

The collective punishment of Awarta since early March this year was purported to be a retaliation for the killing of colonists in Itamar, which is built on land stolen from Awarta.

This crime was blamed solely on savage, uncivilized Palestinians. Some Thai workers were interrogated because they had a financial dispute with the Fogels (a matter of unpaid wages) and had been heard threatening these settlers, but the Netanyahu government immediately spun this as bloodthirsty criminals killing innocents whose only crime was defying international and humanitarian laws.

Netanyahu immediately announced plans for 500 more Jewish only homes and roads to be taken from Awarta as retaliation.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Awarta Revisited

Over the last month I've wanted to revisit Awarta, but everytime I sat down to do it, there were new articles reporting increasing abuse of the residents.
There have been constant raids, home trashings, mass arrests, hate speech incitement against the minority Palestinians. Middle of the night sound grenades preceding thirty armed to the teeth teenagers, scared and excited.

What happens when the children not only see their parents arrested, but beaten and humiliated? In Awarta the IOF arrested whole families, and they coerce Palestinians to sign Hebrew documents, a language most locals don't know.

Palestinians are living under a no holds barred occupation determined to rid Palestine of indigenous Palestinians.
I feel like I have to spell this out, as we in USA are all thoroughly brainwashed by zionist friendly media, government, entertainment. Who will ever believe the state television after the world wide web?

The story of Awarta is new to me. The slowly unfolding day by day agony of oppression. The cruel occupation is exposed in the bully tactics of the Netanyahu government. Exploiting a vicious murder as the work of Palestinian murderers while offering no evidence, and issuing a gag order so that journalists cannot report on the barbaric mass punishment of four hundred people, all ages, from elderly to newborns.

When did mass punishment become permisable?

As the veils of deception slip away from the zionist project, racism and injustice are revealed time after time. I may never understand this puzzle, why Israel never has consequences for destroying the rules of civility?

Two sources I've leaned on heavily are International Solidarity Group and Realistic Bird's Silver Lining