Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Fairness is a Universal Value

The world has so many problems but I mainly keep current only with the Palestinian Peoples and the Holy Land itself.

Personally I believe in mother earth, treat your planet with kindness as she is your mother, acknowledged or not.
What a trifle some may think, to worry about the damage to the land and the trees and the delicate desert ecostructure; especially when people are under seige and in dire need of any/every thing.

Extraespecially, when people are being murdered by bombs, imprisoned indefinately while charged with nothing.
And people are being tortured, and people are being maimed, and traumatised, innundated with sonic booms, bombs, helicopters, loudspeakers, harsh, gutteral zionists, shouting insults at young women and children and the elderly and the handicapped hell, they abuse everyone, verbally, emotionally, physically, they are out of control bullies.