Monday, November 29, 2010

End the Zionist Experiment

There are many numerous reasons to disband the Zionist experiment, I want to talk about the unforgivable crime of deliberately targeting children. The zionist rationale is children may possibly become terrorists from the experiences of seeing family and loved ones murdered, tortured, maimed, disposed, exiled, imprisoned and tormented and seeing their homes and communities destroyed repeatedly.

The Israelis seem to thrive on the misery of others.

I need to do a little research but my question is: if you spend your life searching for anti semites, what does that say about you Mr. Foxman? (saw him badmouthing Mel Gibson on teevee this a.m.) If racism is unpardonable for zionists then it is also unforgivable to treat Palestinians this way.

Will you tell the truth when the truth is antisemitic? Can you tell the story of Christ w/o censoring the role of the Pharisees & the Sanhedren played in Christ's passion and death? Can you omit the crowds of ordinary folks who screamed "give us Barabas"? Who was in that crowd? Christians & Muslims hadn't been established yet.

Richard Goldstone & Richard Falk and Noam Chomsky(all of the Jewish faith) were all turned away at Israel's airport recently because they endeavored to tell the truth about Israeli war crimes and zionism. This means to me that the "safe Haven" aspect of the zionist project is null and void.

There has been no peace in the Levant for the entire 20th 'zionist' century. The international community must disband and dissolve this political/religious entity, it embodies the worst of human envy and corrupt power.

I object to Judaization of the Holy Land.
Close your eyes and picture Palestine. Every time I try this I see Al Aqsa, which zionists have been sabotaging and trying to destroy with fire and rampages that are not published in USA media. However changing the skyline will not change the nature of Palestine. Palestine that has been under many masters, now has an estimate of two to three hundred nuclear missiles, moldering in the desert.

There are only two choices, Israel can join the human race as equals or Israel can keep up its diabolical racism and be shunned, sanctioned, isolated and imprisoned for its' warmongering supremicist

My Prediction: Israel will fail as a state due to all consuming greed and lack of consequences for flouting international and humanitarian laws.