Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Awarta on Curfew Lockdown in OPT

The IOF (Israeli Occupation Force) has imposed its presence on the Palestinian inhabitants of Awarta. This includes searching houses with destruction as partial goal, stealing anything of value, cell phones, broken computers, electric service cut, drinking water polluted with mud and human waste to having soldiers living in your home; with you and your family confined to one room.

An 80 year old woman with diabetes was beaten severely enough to require hospitalization.

These wild and all too common settler rampages followed by racist military searches, humiliations are deliberately incited by the Netanyahu government.

Zionists move to the Occupied Palestinian Territories in contravention of international law, for a variety of reasons. Financial perks, such as subsidized housing; religious beliefs that condone land theft as a God-given right.

On March 13th, the Fogel Family, illegal settlers in the occupied Palestinian Territories, were attacked and stabbed to death. Three members of the family escaped to raise an alarm but their father, mother, and three siblings were killed.

This savage crime has been confiscated by the Netanyahu government and extreme Israeli zionists as a justification to terrorize more Palestinians. Terror by night raids, roadblocks, curfews, beatings, interrogations, arrest, child arrest and a promise by the Netanyahu government to build 500 more West Bank residences for Jews only in Occupied Palestine.

No evidence has been presented to suggest a Palestinian committed the Fogel Family murder. The Itamar 'Settlement' is heavily secured with the most sophisticated sound and motion detectors, alarms, armed security guards, surveillance and handy IOF military forces a 911 call away. Although the jargon of 'settlement' is in common usage, in reality this could be a small city of 500 or colony of thousands, it is illegal to resettle an occupiers population into occupied areas, according to international law. There is no more land theft by conquest since the Nuremberg Trials.

With the escaped children raising the alarm while the crime was still being committed a stranger covered in blood would surely be unable to conceal him/herself?

The murder of anyone is a tragedy, the unexpected passing of children especially pain us.

The political usage of murder to cause and incite pogroms on the occupied Palestinians is blatant ethnic cleansing. I see it, others see it. It is slo-mo genocide.

Any act to destroy a people because of their religion or ethnicity is genocide.

Please get enraged at this outrage. Please do not allow colonialist imperialism to prevail, we are in the 21st century and ready to take the next leap forward.
One World - One People

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  1. The Israelis never fail to shock me, who uses such an incident for the sake of more land theft and ethnic cleansing?

    take care :)RB