Sunday, January 16, 2011

Rabbis call for extermination camps

I read an article, reported by YNet and published on Silver Lining Blog, that Israeli rabbis are openly calling for concentration camps for Palestinians. According to their interpretation of the two thousand year old Bible, Jews must kill all 'giants'. Jews interpret 'giants' as Palestinians, and as such all must be murdered, men, women, children, babies, foetus', I suppose this includes destroying frozen eggs and/or sperm, it even includes the Palestinians domestic animals.

Where does so much hate come from?

I'm always having the Hamas Charter thrown in my face when I try to debate with zionists. I'm not schooled in the Hamas Charter, however I do know that Hamas has evolved from a group involved with suicide bombings into a group with political aims and programs for the suffering civilians besieged in Gaza. I do know that Hamas was able to keep a truce, which Israel violated then followed with 22 days of war crimes.

The 22 day slaughter killed over 1,400 persons, most of them civilians as the Palestinians has a meager trained military force and even less military equipment; no planes, helicopters, jets, drones, no ships, no radar, and no top of the line communications. Hell they didn't evwen have electricity for that three week massacre.

So the Israelis won that aggression with a tally of over fourteen hundred persons dead and over 4,000 severely injured/maimed on the Palestinian side and the Israelis lost 13 - some to friendly fire. Was this 08-09 aggression the start of more ethnic cleansing and genocide?

Last week I read that a rabbi urged women of their faith not to marry Gentiles, because Gentiles are bad seeds, bad blood, inferior to the Chosen of the world.

What kind of religion glorifies genocide?

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