Friday, January 21, 2011

Palestine 'the abused child' of the Middle East

Who has the best claim to the land of the Palestine Mandate and who has Palestine's best interests at heart?

This is a case about two groups of people, both have claims, some claims like the 'Covenant' are irrelevant in non-spiritual matters. Imho Palestine has the high moral ground, because they lived there continuously for over a thousand years, and the land is part of Palestinian Jews, Christians and Muslims. For the zionists it is a fantasy tale, 60% of Israeli Jews identify themselves as atheists.

Zionism wanted a safety haven for Jews exclusively.
The Palestinians saw no reason to give over half of their country away, they had lived under different regimes for centuries and after being freed from the Ottoman yoke, then British mandate,were unwilling to put it on again for what was perceived as European responsibility for the Jewish catastrophe.

In the 60 sixty plus years of occupation and domination Israel has made no effort to cooperate, b/c of zionist racism the brutality has escalated to the point of Rabbis calling for extermination camps for Palestinians.

The hundred years of Jewish influence in the Levant has caused non-ending series of persecution, imprisonment, torture, maiming and destruction and murder and theft. The colonists had to wish to live in peace, they came to dominate. This is clearly stated by Herzl. Herzl also saw the advantages of anti-semitism & put this knowledge to work.

During those hundred years Jewish authorities have approved plans to cover over destroyed Palestinian villages and towns with pine trees. Pine trees in the desert.
The Palestinians get 20% of the water resources, Israelis get 80%. This is serious when you try to survive in the desert.

I was astonished to read of the casual, routine of destroying mosques. If any other nation destroyed synagogues the way zion destroys mosques the worlds' press would megaphone the news world wide - but there is barely a mention of the many attempts to burn & bomb Al Aqsa Mosque. These disrespectful racists must be made to end their criminal ways.

The Israelis have poisoned the water table. The Israelis have destroyed the Palestinian facilities for treating waste and settlers regularly dump raw sewage on cultivate Palestinian land.
Who knows what ramifications will arise from Dimona?
Who knows what ramifications for overbuilding for wealthy racists.

What other nation in the world would uproot productive olive groves and fruit orchards?

My impression of zionism is this group that destroys century + olive groves that have been loved and cared for, possibly lived there since the time of Jesus and/or Mohammed are ruthlessly destroyed, to change the character of the land is vicious. Perhaps that olive trees are a symbol of peace is also offensive of Israelis?

If we had a Solomon to decide this case, I have no doubt he would grant the land to those who had residency there for hundreds of years. The non-Gentiles who would want to live in Palestine would probably be welcomed, as Palestinians are famed for their hospitality, however the days of overt blatant racism must end.

It is time for Israel to recognize the right of self-determination for the Palestinians as well as for themselves. The UN resolution plainly said that there was to be respect and protection for the "present residents of Palestine, Muslims and Christian. Also no changing of important historical landmarks such as the Al Aqsa (Golden Dome of the Rock) which zionists have continuously targeted for destruction, by sabotage and outright colonial aggression.(see the start of the 2nd Intifada, where Ariel Sharon provoked the outrage of Palestinians and Muslims world-wide.

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