Monday, January 31, 2011

Empire's Conspiracy against John Lennon

The United States attack on John Lennon centered on Lennon's visa extension being denied. USA brought out J.L.'s ancient 'crime* of marijuana possession as a red herring. President Nixon & John Mitchell & others in USA government conspired against Lennon with the usual suspects operating in 1972, such as G.Gordon Liddy.

This was way before I understood USA was an empire, I still believed that USA interfered in other countries only for humanitarian reasons. People who watched the antiwar demonstrations on tv were told that these were radicals, the lunatic fringe, draft dodgers They didn't realize they were hearing only what the government wanted us to hear, in short propaganda. Even then there was little difference between the two parties, I sort of knew it, I didn't get the depth of the depravity. The newsreaders had to understand, I never realized they were actors, I thought they were journalists.

In 1972 we caught glimpses of the empire's naked face, and it was terrifying. Our government was dogging John Lennon! A Beatle, a gentle, peaceful musician. His crime had nothing to do with marijuana and everything to do with the power of the love the people had for him. I felt I knew him, and I knew his music intimately. That is how I feel. I have an emotional attachment and love and I am joined by many others.
Nixon worried that Lennon's anti war message might endanger his reelection campaign.

John Lennon hired the best attorneys and went to court many times.
Meanwhile, *They* were blatantly tapping his phone and openly following him. They wanted him to know they were there, always watching. I call that threatening, intimidating behavior. First you might wonder if you're going crazy, the anxiety level could turn to paranoia. This way maybe they could get John to leave of his own free will. Then bar him permanently.

This conspiracy was hatched because of Nixon's reelection fears. Think if Nixon had put so much energy and effort into ending the Empire's Viet Nam aggression. He could have gone done in history as a peacemaker, not the first USAn president to be forced to resign.

If he had done his presidential job and carried out the will of the people the war would have been ended years sooner with less spilled blood and less damage to Viet Nam. In truth they were war criminals and I did not yet comprehend that.

I wonder what would happen to John Lennon today? Would Bush or Obama render him to Pakistan (Egypt being inconvenient today)? Would he be in a secret black site.
Would he have gone to Canada immediately for refuge? After all msm are calling for assassination of Julain Assange and Julian Assange is afraid he'll end up in Cuba until the 12th of Never.

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