Monday, January 24, 2011

Israel's Theft of Water

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"GAZA, (PIC)-- Gaza's water authority has uncovered a crime Israel has been committing against the Gaza Strip's water supply.

Over the last three decades, Mekerot, an Israeli water company, has been supplying the strip with no more than 5 million cubic meters of water annually, actually an integral part of the water Israel drains from the occupied region's water supply.

The Cairo Agreements, undersigned by both Israel and the then Palestinian Authority, stipulate Israel is obligated to double the amount of fresh water supposed to be supplied to the Gaza Strip (10m cu. meters)".

I have read that Israelis use 80% of the water available in Palestine. The Palestinians must subsist on an erratic 20%. So while the people who have cared for the Holy Land for over two centuries are penalized be/c according to zionists, Palestine is exclusively for Jews.

I would like an explanation for the lack of humanitarian empathy and lack of justice, the Jewish people had a stellar reputation for fighting for civil rights but not when it comes to Arabs, Palestinians, Christians and Muslims in Palestine.

Since the siege of Gaza in 2006 and in the aftermath of "Cast Lead Dreidel" there are thousands of homeless people. The Israelis committed numerous war crimes and their aggression was without parallel. The brutality included 22 days and nights of bombardment with depleted uranium, white phospherous, DIME(dense, inert metals - an experimental sort of weapon that slices through flesh and bone and caused many amputations and death.

Naomi Klein's book about the many opportunities that natural disasters and wars
provide to war profiteers and war mongers. Her book is eye opener.

This situation of imbalance sees the zionists with lush green lawns (in the desert), swimming pools, and a seemingly unlimited supply of water. The Palestinians on the other hand, must use bath water over, the 20% isn't even guaranteed b/c IOF shoot the cisterns on roofs, piss in the wells, dump sewage where ever they want.

Israelis ruined the water treatment plant & refuses to let spare parts in, it would be petty mischief if human life didn't depend on water for life itself.

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