Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Rape of Palestine

Words are powerful; what do you think the Zionists are doing when they bray repetitiously about Judea & Samaria? By changing the name of the West Bank, the zionists are tying the area to the Old Testament plus using the phrase Judea & Samaria over & over brainwashes the human mind.

The formula is simple, all things Gentile are suspect, Islam is an especial enemy of the non-Gentile. Obviously the nonGentiles believe they are superior b/c racist zionist religion tells them so.

Jews use shunning as severe punishment. We've seen this in the harangues by rabbis in Israel that Israelis are forbidden to rent or lease land to Gentiles.
Humans are social beings for the most part and avoid shunning. The painful torture of endless solitary confinement and the racist laws which keep nonJews imprisoned w/o charge for lengthy, unspecified amounts of time are cruel and inhumane. Have you noticed how isolated and disdained the State of the Israel has become? It is a pariah state that should be dismantled and destroyed forever and a day.

Israeli, Jewish Children encouraged to offend their Arab brothers & sisters, throwing stones, threatening violence. When it goes too far & their victim is hurt or killed, so what? They're only goy,(a synonym for cattle) lower than a donkey, that's what a multitude of Israeli rabbis say, it is OK to kill goy, because goys are not quite human.(shh don't tell 'em)

Next we get the Rabbis wives, warning Jewish women to avoid nonJewish men, because the 'goy' DNA is flawed, unlike the DNA of the chosen, you'll get a child that is wicked and flawed, with a lack of civility.

Well, the zionist explained, If you wanna know sufferen, I can tell ya all about it. You name it, my people, God's Chosen", (self deprecating giggle) have endured it all. And we were innocent every time a country exiled us.
Now its someone Else's turn for bigotry and brutality.

But, I sputter, (having been raised in Parochial School)(canya tell?)its all so mean & hurtful, spiteful. Why kill people for sport? If you're gonna kill them all anyway why make their lives torture & misery?

A light goes on in the pre-limbic, ancient memories, You zionists, you are angry at me. Palestina can never be yours. What you've had of her you've forced, you humiliated this holiest of land to line your pockets and to eventually plunder all of the Middle East and onward. You are doing your best to salt the earth and make it infertile.

The zionists have not been an example of neighborliness. The colonizers came with weapons and plans to steal land and crush & exile the true dwellers and caretakers of Al Quds, the rest of the peoples of Palestine, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Iran.
The world's 4th largest army would have us believe that they're afraid of lightly armed freedom fighters? Anyone remember the hundred to one ration of the '08-'09 massacre, in which 4 of the 13 dead Israelis were killed by 'friendly fire'?

That early zionist thinker's famous quote (paraphrasing here) "I've met the Bride.
She is beautiful. Unfortunately she is happily married."

That did nothing to change the colonists' plans, only instead of marrying the beautiful land they came to take by force. Conquer, pillage, rape and murder. The policies haven't changed; they have ratcheted up the ethnic cleansing and rabbis are now calling for extermination camps for 'terrorists'.

The world must end the zionist menace, which is worse than Hitler's National Socialism. Words precede action, and Israeli rabbis that recently called for extermination camps, are in reality sanctioning Genocide.

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